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In any metro area across the country you will find motosports or powersports enthusiasts riding on a warm summer day. Some are riding motorcycles while others are riding scooters. You will also notice that these riders are on a wide assortment of different manufacturers bikes. From Suzuki to Yamaha, from Harley to Kawasaki and a slew of other types of bikes, take a look around and you’re sure to see them all. Some riders like to customize their bikes while others prefer a stock ride. You will find powersports riders on everything from cruisers to sport bikes to dual sport motorcycles.

If you’ve wondered whether you’re actually seeing more motorcycle riders in your metro area than ever before, the answer is most likely yes. So why the sudden increase in motorcycle or scooter riders everywhere. High gas prices of 2008 helped to begin this revolution to riding motorcycles due to their fuel efficiency. Another reason is that it is simply a lot of fun to get out and ride. People enjoy the feeling of the open air around them that can only be truly experienced while riding a motorcycle. After being cooped up in an office or other work place all day, it’s very enjoyable to get out and ride in the open air. Going to work on a motorcycle makes the trip something to look forward to each day. And, on weekends, the good times enjoyed with old and new friends is unbeatable.

Want to be a part of this group of people that saves money on gas while enjoying their commute? Decide which type of motorcycle or scooter you think interests you the most, then get to your local metro area motorcycle or powersports dealer to buy your new motorcycle.

Once you begin riding and experiencing the fun and adventure of a motorcycle or scooter, you will wonder why it ever took you so long to make that trip in your car to your metro motorcycle dealer. You will wish that you had not waited so long to ride and have some great fun times.

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