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Magic Motorsports E-Bikes

Do you want your child to experience the wonders of a motorcycle? Metro Powersports wants to introduce you to our friends at Magic Motorsports. Since 1983, Magic Motorsports has been serving the power sports industry with its large selection of parts, accessories, and specialty products. Now, they are adding to that roaster a collection of amazing electric bikes!

Magic Motorsports E-Bikes

Electric balance bikes are designed to help little tykes get going on two wheels and keep going for years to come. For motocross racers, their first experience was on a balance bike like Strider. These bikes are small enough to ride around the backyard, allowing kids to master the basics. The latest features on these e-bikes make children eager to move on to more powerful bikes.

Magic Motorsports E-Bikes

Great E-bike For Kids

Just recently, Magic Motorsports added the Sedna 16 Pro E-Bike to their lineup! The Sedna 16 is the perfect step up from the Strider Balance Bike. In addition to being designed for older children, it has an increased speed of 15 mph! The e-bike also has the benefits of improved battery life, front suspension, and disc brakes. The rider can also experience using a thumb throttle.

The best part is that the Sedna is extremely affordable. Unlike other electric balance bikes that can cost you over $1000, this e-bike is listed under $700 on the market! Right now, our friends at Magic Motorsports are selling their latest e-bike at a discounted price. Take advantage of its lowered price before it’s gone!

Magic Motorsports carries a wide variety of Bikes & Electric Bikes! Call: 248.332.2440 or visit their showroom and see for yourself!

Magic Motorsports
2225 Dixie Hwy
Waterford, Mi. 48328