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Tube Bending For Motorcycle Exhausts

Tube Bending For Motorcycle Exhausts

When building a custom exhaust for your motorcycle or car, you need a professional that can handle the proper bends in the tube. That is where our friends at Detroit Tube Products comes in.  They can provide professional tube bending services for any type of metal tube.

Tube Bending Methods

At Detroit Tube Products, they provide all types of bending services. From mandrel bending to compression bending, they can help you decide which is best for your project. In addition to bending, they can perform expanding, swaging, flanging and many other types of services. 

Building a custom motorcycle is hard work. Ease the burden of some of that work by letting Detroit Tube Products handle all your bends. Bending tubes by hand can be a painstaking endeavor.  By letting the professionals at Detroit Tube Products do it, you save time and money.

Detroit Tube Products History

Detroit Tube Products has been a Detroit staple since 1911.  They have clients from all over the globe. Being located in Detroit, they have worked first hand with the automotive industry.  When it comes to tube sizes, they can handle all shapes and sizes.

For your next custom exhaust contact Detroit Tube Products, you will be glad you did!